Friday, February 10, 2012

Ovalia Egg Chair

Now, that's an icon! The fabulous Ovalia Egg Chair has always been a favorite of mine, I could look at it forever, the way I would look at a painting or a sculpture at the museum, it's just so...perfect! It's funny how I like to wear mostly neutrals, but when it comes to interior design, I love strong, warm colors that pops. This chair was designed in 1968 by Henrik Thor-Larsen, an industrial designer and inventor (posing in the chair in the picture below), and it was exhibited for the first time at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair that same year. It was a success from the beginning, and Ovalia was sold up to 1978. It has been relaunched a while ago as a limited edition (900) with a few cool updates like the optional hidden, fully upholstered speaker system by JBL, but there is no visible change to the design.
   If I had this beauty in my living room, I would probably read in it, meditate in it, watch movies in it, eat in it, sometimes fall asleep in it. I would basically live in it. Which could be a good thing considering I would probably not have a roof over my head anymore after spending 7700$ on it... Well, maybe one day! And as I like to say, it's not "spending", it's "investing"!

 Images from Ovalia  

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