Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A cold day in Copenhagen

This is what Copenhagen looked like last Friday. We are in the south of Sweden, so it takes about half and hour to get there by car, even less by train, and we decided to spend a few hours in the Danish capital to do important things (i.e. buy some some liquor for a birthday party). It's funny how when it's time to stock your bar, prices can be so different between Scandinavian countries. Norwegians buy their booze in Sweden, Swedes buy theirs in Denmark, and I guess Danes go to Germany to shop. And Germans go to.... Ok, I disgress, I'll stop before I start writing about my love for gin & tonics.

I just wanted to share a view of the city in the beautiful winter light. Look at the frozen canal, it was so cold, but with warm clothes (I looked very sexy with my long underwear under my jeans) and a few stops for a soup or a hot chocolate, it was actually great! But when is Spring coming again?

 Images from Nordiska Style

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