Monday, February 6, 2012

50's vintage swedish charts for the kitchen

I was lucky enough to find these vintage prints from the 50's in a thrift store in Malmö (and for almost nothing). The first one I found is about herbs and spices, with lots of useful information about their uses, how to make curry powder, a 'bouquet garni', plus various recipes. I don't really use it as a cooking guide, but I love the look of it. The washed-out colors, the design, the 50's look, it just looks great in the kitchen! This one is dated 1956.
The other one is a wine guide, but also includes information about beer and spirits. You can even see on the bottom left a list of what people used to eat and drink at a typical wedding reception in...1851! I really hope I can find more of these, but I don't have the early riser gene, so I'm having a hard time to be the first in line at the thrift store when they open (yes, there is a line!). And quite often, all the nice stuff is gone by noon... Time to change my bad habits, maybe?

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