Saturday, April 28, 2012

The String shelf system: a swedish icon

Photo: Nordiska Style

String shelves + colourful jars = happy  kitchen! Nils Strinning (1917-2006), a designer and architect designed the String shelf system in 1949, and it looks as great today as it looked over half a century ago!

"It may seem strange that something as simple and humble as this little dainty light shelf with its thin side panels has become one of the twentieth century's foremost design icons. The reasons are several;  
the thin packaging is simple and cheap to transport, the shelves are easy to assemble, they can be quickly repositioned, shelves of various depths can be combined and books are held in place by the side panels. Whether the wall surface is large or small, String is functional." 

You'll find a String shelf in almost every apartment in Sweden, that's how classic they are! I'm very tempted by the String Plex with the side panels in plexi (designed in 1953!)...

Photos: String

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dream apartment in Stockholm

Look at this gem! What's not to love about this apartment?
It's bright. The original flooring is fantastic. The rooms are large. It has TWO working kakelugnar (fireplaces) and very high ceilings. And 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 living rooms. I won't even bother describing it, the pictures tell it all!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

TRIWA: Cool, classic watches from Sweden

Photos: TRIWA

It's weird. I haven't been interested in watches for years, and then, all of a sudden, they became my new favorite accessory! Last time I bought a watch, it was during a school trip in NYC, over 15 years ago. It was a Mickey Mouse watch and I paid 10$ for it in Chinatown...  
But today, I think I would go for something more grown up. And I don't mean boring! Once again, I found what I was looking for in Sweden. TRIWA watches (an acronym for 'Transforming the Industry of Watches') are perfect! They're unisex (great as I don't like too girly watches), my favorites have a gorgeous leather bracelet, dressed up or dressed down, they will look fabulous on your wrist, and the price is decent, considering you'll want to keep it forever!

And aren't watches more pretty to look at than cell phones?

Photos: TRIWA

Monday, April 16, 2012

Brita Sweden's plastic rugs

Photo: Brita Sweden

Rug weaving is a craft with a very long history in Sweden, and Brita Sweden, a family run business did a great job giving traditional rugs a contemporary look. Their reversible rugs are made with soft pvc, and contain no heavy metals or toxic softeners. They can also be used indoors or outdoors, and are machine washable. Gorgeous colors and amazing patterns, folk art with a modern twist, I'm sold! I think that I would even mix patterns and colors in the same room (if I had white walls)! Brita Sweden also have lovely accessories and fabrics, everything is colourful with a 70's vibe, if you like bold patterns and bright colors, it's here!

Photo: Huset

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sögreni of Copenhagen bicycles

Photo: Sögreni

I'm an urban cyclist. I go everywhere with my bicycle, even in January when I'm in Malmö. In Montreal (famous for its bike thieves...), it's a different story! It's faster than the bus (and more reliable), it's a great exercise, and when you're the lucky owner of such a beauty, you probably just want to ride all day and flaunt it!

This fantastic bicycle is made by Sögreni, a Danish bespoke bicycle shop in the heart of Copenhagen. All bicycles are assembled in Søren Sögreni and his team's workshop, and I love that when you place your order, you can customize your bicycle, you choose the size, the color, the color of the handles and the saddle, the number of gears, etc.

Prices start at 1599 euros. It is expensive. But less that a car. And you pay not only for great design, but also great quality. If you're not ready to spend that much, you can at least give your bicycle a little makeover with new leather handles, or a new set of lights. I really have a soft spot for their bells with their amazing industrial look, available in copper, zinc, brass and steel. It's a great "Made in Denmark" item to bring back from a trip to Copenhagen, and it doesn't take up much space in a suitcase!

Photo: Sögreni

Photo: Mjölk

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Laurids Lønborg 70's Egg Warmers

As we had a huge family dinner yesterday, I decided to have a simple breakfast today: eggs and bread (no bacon, no patatoes)! That reminded me that I had these adorable egg warmers, designed in the 70's by Lena Eklund for Laurids Lønborg, Denmark. Bright and bold flowers, great vintage design, I thought they were perfect for my little Easter breakfast! It's not that I really needed egg warmers, but I had the chance to find them in a second hand store in Sweden for almost nothing... And  they look very cute on the table!

Happy Easter!

Photos: Nordiska Style

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

'Warm', tea and coffee pots by Tonfisk Design

I drink tea all day, herbal tea mostly, black tea sometimes, chai, green tea... And when it gets too hot, there's nothing more refreshing than homemade iced tea! The tea freak in me was of course delighted to discover those tea and coffee pots by Tonfisk Design, a finnish company founded by Tony Alfström and Brian Keaney.

I love the contrast between the crisp white porcelain, the cork lid and the bracelet of laminated bent wood! The teapot, from the fantastic 'Warm' range, designed by Brian Keaney is also available with a ceramic lid. They come in different sizes and colors, and all Tonfisk's ceramics are produced by hand at their own factory in Turku, Finland. Oh, and look at the tray! It represents everything I love about scandinavian design, and I would be more than happy to see this set becoming a classic in my kitchen!

Photos: Tonfisk Design