Monday, July 30, 2012

70's Finnish Summer Dress

So here's another find from the thrift-store! I don't usually wear dresses with crazy patterns like that, but  I really like the 70's look of it, and I can easily imagine myself wearing my maxi dress with clogs in 1973, picking berries in the finnish countryside! Sometimes, in my imagination (it normally happens between July and August), I live in a Marimekko catalogue. And it does look a bit like a Marimekko design, but the tag reads " Kaisu Heikkil√§ Oy, Made in Finland". I'm very pleased to have another lovely vintage dress to add to my closet!

Photos: Nordiska Style

Monday, July 16, 2012

By Nord - Where Design Meets Nature

I'm stuck in the city and it's getting a little too hot for me... I'll need to wait another 3 weeks before I can take a dip in the Baltic Sea. I want to be in the picture above! And as I don't really like cold water, I'd definitely need that duvet to warm up after the dip!

This beautiful bed linen is made by the Danish brand 'By Nord', founded by Hanne Berzant in 2008. They design gorgeous home accessories, "inspired by the diversity of the raw yet beautiful Nordic Nature, where the rough and the gentle meet". The cushions are adorable and would look perfect in my summer house (because one day, I'll have a summer house)!

Photos: By Nord

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ceramic designer's house in Oslo

So this is ceramic designer Silje Aune Eriksen's home in Oslo. Wonderful! The exposed beams are just fantastic and add so much character to that room! I love neutrals, and I'll definitely try mixing tans and bright neons. But Silje, if one day you read this and you get tired of your flat, let me know, I'll move to Oslo! Oh, and if you don't feel like moving the furniture, that's fine with me, I'll take everything. Thank you!

Photos: Elle Decoration Norway via Decoist

I also fell in love with her ceramic muffin holders, they're lovely! (and that cupcake looks delicious...)
Get them here!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Helena Blomqvist's poetic artwork

"The Last Giant Octopus"

Swedish artist and photographer Helena Blomqvist's artwork is mesmerizing. She brings you into a fantastic world where sadness, loneliness, hopelessness and the fear that something terrible is going to happen are always present, but her images are so beautiful and poetic that I can't feel completely depressed while looking at them!

"Helena Blomqvist’s images look like scenes from a dark fairytale. The complex characters she depicts playfully border on your imagination, while the dreamlike, mysterious sceneries capture you full attention. Blomqvist’s art contains a touch of philosophical reflection, with topics of death and sadness clearly evident. At the same time, there is a sly sense of humor and irony to the way she places her quirky characters in their dark, misty surroundings. With the use of several props and models, and only a last touch of digital manipulation, Blomqvist is able to create a unique world where reality and fiction melt together seamlessly." GUP

I love her work so much, the day I can afford to invest in art, she's on top of my list!


"Sleepless Night"

"The Lonely Patient"

"Mourning Procession"

"The Perseids"

"Girl in Red Coat"