Sunday, February 5, 2012

Marbelous wood by Snedker Studio

While browsing Nordic Design, I came across this amazing wooden floor, and I could not resist sharing it here! Pernille Snedker Hansen (Snedker Studio) "has repurposed an old marbling technique giving the wood a supernatural, organic, colorful and vibrant pattern". If I had a big loft with brick walls and a minimalist interior (this description looks nothing like my flat right now!), I would dream about having a floor like this one. I would probably become a weird girl spending hours at home just looking at the floor, but I wouldn't mind!
Marbelous Wood was nominated for the Biennial Prize at the Danish Biennial for Crafts and Design 2011. Here's the jury's statement:
      "The very idea is striking. To marble an entire floor, using an old and almost forgotten technique to vitalise a simple pinewood floor and turn it into a powerful visual, almost psychedelic experience - now, that is truly remarkable and worthy of recognition! With a huge work effort, the designer adds synthetic, caramel-like marbling to the humble pinewood, thus turning this plain Nordic raw material into a valuable object that one yearns to own and see unfolded on floors and walls".
I could not agree more!

Images from Snedker Studio

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