Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love Swedish Hasbeens!

Image from Nordiska Style

I'm a huge fan of Swedish Hasbeens. For the simplicity, the clean lines, the quality of the leather, the 70's style. I only have a clutch for the moment, but I'm definitely going to invest in some clogs as soon as I can take my socks off (aka in 4 months as I'm in Montreal right now...). I see girls in magazines or fashion blogs looking great wearing open toe shoes with socks, but for me, it's a big NO! Even their sky high shoes are comfortable! (says the girl who managed to fall off her flats a few times). I love the fact that their shoes are hand-made with natural materials, and that if you take good care of them, your kids will be able to inherit them! It reminds me that my mom used to wear clogs when I was a little girl, and I spent lots of time sneaking in her closet, trying on her clogs, of course way too big for me. I'm glad I'm still alive today, as I used to run down the stairs wearing them... Crazy kids!
 For the new Spring-Summer collection, Swedish Hasbeens launched shoes and accessories with new colors, and now I'm in love with everything that's mint green.The flats in that color are already sold out, so please, if you're a size 38, do not buy the green 'Margot' shoes. They're mine!!!

Images from Swedish Hasbeens


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