Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hildur Yeoman Bags

Hildur Yeoman is an Icelandic fashion designer, and she designed those delightful crochet bags. Isn't that poodle adorable? And there is also a swan bag! I'm very fond of her playful and original designs and hope to see more very soon! You can shop here and here.

                                                             Images from Hildur Yeoman
Hildur is also a talented fashion illustrator, have a look at her website, it's worth it. 'Garden of Enchantment', below, is a collaboration between Yeoman and fellow Icelandic artist, the London based photographer Saga Sig: "We combined our forces, my photography and her illustrations to create a magical world where our own tales inspired by greek mythology and russian fairy tales are combined in an icelandic winter wonder land". Dreamy!

                                                   Images from Hildur Yeoman and Saga Sig

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