Thursday, August 30, 2012

Swedish Hasbeens Autumn-Winter 2012 Collection

The new Swedish Hasbeens campaign has been released, just when I thought that maybe, I had enough shoes in my closet (is such a thing even possible?). Oh well, it's an investment I guess,  good quality leather and classic lines, you can't go wrong with that! Back to the new Autumn-Winter 2012 collection, "Outdoor Life":

"This collection is made to honor nature and the women biologists and scientists, like Beatrix Potter, that paved the way for us and for future generations showing the world that knowledge about our nature and world is power regardless of gender."

   Lots of great shots from the 1940's inspired new campaign can be seen here, and now, some of my favorite looks!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

70's Glass and Leather Lamp

I bought this cool 70's lamp on Tradera (swedish Ebay) and received it last week. I immediately loved the unusual shape of the lamp shade and the green glass base, it's truly spectacular, and I also had the surprise to discover (it was not mentioned in the listing) that the lamp shade was made out of leather! Now, I have no idea who designed it, it doesn't really look scandinavian to me. Could it be italian? Anyway, it looks great on the sideboard, I just need to find out the best way to get rid of some yellow stains on the lamp shade!

Photos: Nordiska Style

Monday, August 20, 2012

Acne's Parker Plastic Boots: yes or no?


I just spent quite some time staring at Acne's Parker plastic boots from their pre-fall 2012 collection. I think they look fantastic! Mixing clear vinyl and polished calf leather is an idea I really like, but I know it would look odd on me. There's no need to run to the nearest store to try them on, I just know. It happens all the time with Acne. I love their clothes on the models, but on me, they're just not so flattering. But back to the boots, what are you supposed to wear to complete the space-age cowgirl look? And does it look good if you don't have mile-long legs and tiny calves? That's what I thought. I'll keep looking at them, and I'll stick to their classic Pistol boots (when I can afford them)!

Photos: Acne

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ahhh, my Zebra cup!

Photo: Nordiska Style

My zebra cup, designed in 1955 by Eugene Trost for Gefle! I love it so much, I can't even use it to drink coffee as I want to avoid crazing... I found this one on ebay a couple years ago, and as the name of the manufacturer was not mentioned in the listing, I ended up being the only bidder at 15$. It was definitely my lucky day as the prices are now crazy high for this design! For me, this is the quintessence of the 50's, and if one day, I can get my hands on the matching teapot...ahhhh! I don't what I'd do, at least a little happy dance, this is such a rare and beautiful item!

Photo: Lauritz