Friday, February 3, 2012

50's swedish textiles: Markelius and Bonniér

Sweden is well-known for its textile design, and even if the the 50's production is my favorite, contemporary designers still create amazing things! Here's two mid-century textile designers in my top 5: Sven Markelius and Olle Bonniér. Markelius (1889-1972), one of the most famous modernist architect from Sweden designed 'Pythagoras' in 1952 for the UN building in New York. This design is obviously strongly influenced by mathematics and you can't forget his architect background, which is a great thing for a geometric pattern lover like me! It's still in production today and 'Pythagoras' is available printed on linen or velvet.

Olle Bonnier (1925-?) was a graphic artist, a painter and a sculptor who belonged to a group of Concrete art. The pattern below, 'Raxt' has been described as follows: "This composition sounds what it looks like: "Raxt"- the sound of the jet-planes in black thunderbolts." (Ljungbergs) Striking!

                                                                  Images from Ljungbergs

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