Friday, April 19, 2013

A night in a jumbo jet in Stockholm

Now that's a cool airport hotel to spend the night in when you have an early flight to catch the next day!    Located at Arlanda, Stockholm, the Jumbo Stay is a hotel/hostel built in a retired jumbo jet with 76 beds in 29 rooms. If you want something more private than a dorm bed (and if you're not on a budget), you can book the fancy cockpit suite for a unique experience! All rooms have a flat screen TV and some of them also have a private bathroom. If you don't have to spend the night in Stockholm but have a few hours to kill between flights, you can just go for a visit and have a drink or a sandwich at the CafĂ©. And there's even a conference room if you're in town to do some business! The rooms look quite small, but the design is great, and you wake up already at the airport. No stress, no traffic. And for once, you get a good night's sleep on a plane!

Photo: Flickr