Wednesday, April 4, 2012

'Warm', tea and coffee pots by Tonfisk Design

I drink tea all day, herbal tea mostly, black tea sometimes, chai, green tea... And when it gets too hot, there's nothing more refreshing than homemade iced tea! The tea freak in me was of course delighted to discover those tea and coffee pots by Tonfisk Design, a finnish company founded by Tony Alfström and Brian Keaney.

I love the contrast between the crisp white porcelain, the cork lid and the bracelet of laminated bent wood! The teapot, from the fantastic 'Warm' range, designed by Brian Keaney is also available with a ceramic lid. They come in different sizes and colors, and all Tonfisk's ceramics are produced by hand at their own factory in Turku, Finland. Oh, and look at the tray! It represents everything I love about scandinavian design, and I would be more than happy to see this set becoming a classic in my kitchen!

Photos: Tonfisk Design

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