Sunday, April 8, 2012

Laurids Lønborg 70's Egg Warmers

As we had a huge family dinner yesterday, I decided to have a simple breakfast today: eggs and bread (no bacon, no patatoes)! That reminded me that I had these adorable egg warmers, designed in the 70's by Lena Eklund for Laurids Lønborg, Denmark. Bright and bold flowers, great vintage design, I thought they were perfect for my little Easter breakfast! It's not that I really needed egg warmers, but I had the chance to find them in a second hand store in Sweden for almost nothing... And  they look very cute on the table!

Happy Easter!

Photos: Nordiska Style


  1. VOW!
    They are really BEAUTIFUL.....
    I love Laurids Lonborg items.
    Its a pity that they are not available now.
    Lovely Egg Warmers!

    1. Thanks Malkhan! If you're lucky, you can find similar egg warmers on the swedish ebay!