Saturday, April 28, 2012

The String shelf system: a swedish icon

Photo: Nordiska Style

String shelves + colourful jars = happy  kitchen! Nils Strinning (1917-2006), a designer and architect designed the String shelf system in 1949, and it looks as great today as it looked over half a century ago!

"It may seem strange that something as simple and humble as this little dainty light shelf with its thin side panels has become one of the twentieth century's foremost design icons. The reasons are several;  
the thin packaging is simple and cheap to transport, the shelves are easy to assemble, they can be quickly repositioned, shelves of various depths can be combined and books are held in place by the side panels. Whether the wall surface is large or small, String is functional." 

You'll find a String shelf in almost every apartment in Sweden, that's how classic they are! I'm very tempted by the String Plex with the side panels in plexi (designed in 1953!)...

Photos: String


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