Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Helena Blomqvist's poetic artwork

"The Last Giant Octopus"

Swedish artist and photographer Helena Blomqvist's artwork is mesmerizing. She brings you into a fantastic world where sadness, loneliness, hopelessness and the fear that something terrible is going to happen are always present, but her images are so beautiful and poetic that I can't feel completely depressed while looking at them!

"Helena Blomqvist’s images look like scenes from a dark fairytale. The complex characters she depicts playfully border on your imagination, while the dreamlike, mysterious sceneries capture you full attention. Blomqvist’s art contains a touch of philosophical reflection, with topics of death and sadness clearly evident. At the same time, there is a sly sense of humor and irony to the way she places her quirky characters in their dark, misty surroundings. With the use of several props and models, and only a last touch of digital manipulation, Blomqvist is able to create a unique world where reality and fiction melt together seamlessly." GUP

I love her work so much, the day I can afford to invest in art, she's on top of my list!


"Sleepless Night"

"The Lonely Patient"

"Mourning Procession"

"The Perseids"

"Girl in Red Coat"


  1. These are all really interesting. I think my favourite is the octopus at the top, but they're all so odd and fantastical. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Kit, have a look at her website, it's worth it! I also like the Octopus, and as her prints are pretty big, it's must be quite impressive on a wall!
      Have a great day!