Monday, July 30, 2012

70's Finnish Summer Dress

So here's another find from the thrift-store! I don't usually wear dresses with crazy patterns like that, but  I really like the 70's look of it, and I can easily imagine myself wearing my maxi dress with clogs in 1973, picking berries in the finnish countryside! Sometimes, in my imagination (it normally happens between July and August), I live in a Marimekko catalogue. And it does look a bit like a Marimekko design, but the tag reads " Kaisu Heikkil√§ Oy, Made in Finland". I'm very pleased to have another lovely vintage dress to add to my closet!

Photos: Nordiska Style


  1. Beautiful! It looks very Finnish. Great find, I would say.

    1. Thanks Johanna! I don't know if it's easy to find interesting vintage stuff in second hand stores in Finland (I found the dress in Sweden), but I'd love to have a look!