Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Malene Birger: My summer list

My dream wardrobe for this summer would include these 3 pieces from Danish designer Malene Birger:

A lace mini dress. White (or off-white?). I've been looking for the perfect lace dress since a very long time... One that would not look like a victorian curtain. One that would not look cheap. But one that would be affordable. I would not really call this one affordable, but it sure does look very pretty, romantic and feminine!
The Illione lace dress is here!

For me, the ultimate summer bag is a straw bag. It can be the cheap one, bought at the souvenir shop in Cuba or the Salvatore Ferragamo crazy expensive one, I love them all these days. But Birger's Gaviana bag also have, ahhhhhhhhhh, black leather fringes!!! Yes, you can be in love with a straw bag.

Sequined sexy hotpants! You need to be pretty confident to wear something like that. Personally, I would never dare walking in the streets wearing such a tiny thing, but at a party, yes. And by party, I mean my boyfriend and I at home with a box wine. But I love the way they look on the model, paired with a crisp white shirt! Hot!

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