Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Arne Vodder Sideboards

Photo via: Tumblr

How I love sideboards! Especially those designed by Arne Vodder (1926-2009) and produced by Sibast Furniture. Most of them were made around 1958, and they are truly unique with their colourful panels. Vodder, a danish architect and designer was trained by the great Finn Juhl, and his beautiful sideboards made from teak or rosewood are really sought-after today and can reach high prices at auctions. But why not be inspired by Vodder and make your own from a cheaper sideboard bought at the flea market? It may be not the real thing, but it's a good way to give a new life to an old piece of furniture!
Photo via: Tumblr

Photo via: Mid-Centuria

Photo via: Mid-Centuria

Photo via: Lys Vintage


  1. Wow you share such beautiful sideboards. All design is attractive and amazing.Material of the sideboard matters a lot, as it's an important facet that will greatly match with your home decor.Thanks.

    1. Thank you Joseph for your comment, I wish I could have all of them! Or even just one of them! :)