Saturday, March 3, 2012

Four seasons, one chair: Pastil by Eero Aarnio

Finnish designer Eero Aarnio (born in 1932 in Helsinki) doesn't need much presentation. With his iconic furniture pieces and his innovative use of plastic, even if you're not a design lover, you're probably familiar with his chairs, as they have been featured in (almost) every sci-fi movies and TV shows from the 60's! Designed in 1967, the Pastil Chair, with its beautiful organic form received the American Industrial Award in 1968. 
It's obvious that the chair looks totally cool, but it's also very comfortable. The New York Times wrote about it: "the most comfortable forms to hold up the human body". And it gets better! It's a rocking chair, it can be used indoors and outdoors... and it floats! Here's my plan (when I'll have a Pastil Chair): Spring- Put the chair on the balcony and enjoy the first rays of sun. Summer- Make friends with summer houses owners and go fishing in my chair, like Eero Aarnio did! Fall- Bring the chair back in the living room and read some good books. Winter: See photo above! Beautiful, practical and fun!

Info and pictures here and here.

All images from Eero Aarnio

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