Monday, March 12, 2012

Fjällräven Kanken backpack, a swedish classic

Image from Nordiska Style

Normally, I'm not crazy about backpacks, but my Kanken is awesome and perfect when I run errands with my bicycle! In Sweden, you don't buy a Kanken to look unique or original, as you can't walk 2 meters without seeing one.  They're just a part of the everyday life since 1978, when the Fjällräven's founder, Ake Nordin created them to save the kid's backs. Shoulders bags were more fashionable back then, but they were not that great to carry heavy books. Nordin sold 400 backpacks during the first year, and 30 000 the following year. Now, about 200 000 are sold every year. The Kanken backpack has the same look it had 30 years ago, it's light, it's water repellent, it comes in many colors (23!) and 4 different sizes (the mini is super cute!). Mine is grey, which I like as it goes with everything, but the yellow one is tempting me!

Image from Idiotbox

Elle Fanning in Somewhere with her yellow Kanken!

Image from Coolspotters

Image from Ripped Knees

And the cutest picture from Kidlark!

Image from Kidlark


  1. I often see people with these on the tube in London but didn't realise how many cute colours they come in. I am very tempted!

    1. The yellow, moss and violet are my new favorites for Spring!

  2. Does anyone know what shoes the blonde girl is wearing?