Saturday, January 14, 2012

Danish teak rocking chair

                                  Image from Bukowskis Market

I never imagined that one day, I’d be obsessed with a rocking chair. But when I saw this one auctionned at Bukowskis Market, I knew I had to place a bid. Just a small one, just in case... Ok, I love auctions and my “small” bids do not always end up that small. I tend to take it personal when I’m outbided, so I’m like “Don’t you dare taking my things away from me!”. And then I place another bid. Silly, I know. I did not get the chair. I was too reasonable (it sold for 410 euros, about 520 USD plus commission fees). But those lines! And a teak chair covered with mint green leather is rather unusual! The designer is unknown, but it was (probably) made in Denmark in the 50’s-60’s. I finally got over it knowing that anyway, if it was in my living room right now, I would not even sit on it. I would sit on the sofa instead so I could stare at it... 


  1. I love it!
    Wish I knew whose it was. I sold Scandinavian, but this is earlier than 70's when I was in that biz.
    I'm looking for a rocker now. This ones really nice. Glad you won it.

    1. Hi Jerez! Unfortunately, I didn't win this one... But I still think about it! I'm sure it was great to be in that business in the 70's, when it was still possible to find amazing furniture for almost nothing! I hope you kept the best items for yourself! ;)

  2. Found it I think
    Adrian Pearsall Rocker

  3. Oh darn. Worth over 2000.00,
    Misread your post I guess. I'm

  4. you're lucky you didn't win it. I have one, it's uncomfortable because the back is too low. You have to sit upright. If you want to recline, your head goes back farther than your back. I agree that it looks great, but it's not a very functional piece.

  5. Hi Anatoly! It might be uncomfortable, but still, I envy you! Which color is yours? Is it for sale? ;)

  6. Hi,

    Can you tell me more about this design? I got one that says
    Danmark under the chair . Is that common that it does not have a designers name?
    Hope you can tell me more,
    Have a nice day, Carla

  7. Hi Carla,
    Sorry it took me so long to answer, I was on holiday with very limited wifi!
    I don't know much about this design, but I know it's not uncommon for vintage scandinavian furniture not to have the designer's name marked on it. Sometimes, like with your chair, it just says the country of origin, sometimes, there is also a paper label with the manufacturer/designer's name on it. Maybe your chair lost the original paper label, but still, you're very lucky to be the owner of one of those beautiful chairs!
    Have a great evening,

  8. I have this rocking chair and it needs a little of love on the fabric. No rips, wood is in good shape. It is for sale! please contact me. Mine has red fabric instead of green. It is really comfortable to sit in.