Friday, January 20, 2012

Finnish photography: Ismo Hölttö

                                               Image from Bukowskis Market

I only discovered the work of Ismo Hölttö (1940 -) a few months ago, and since then, I’ve been fascinated by his wonderful, powerful photographs. The one above, “Two boys and the Suomenlinna Ferry” was taken in 1964 at the Market Square in Helsinki. The artist an art critic Erkki Pirtola explains better than I could do Hölttö’s work:       “Hölttö characterizes the fundamental elements of the human race as it is found in Finland: tough, rudely beautiful people, as the harsh Northern environment has molded them since time immemorial. They are the type of people who can survive in the Northern conditions, surrounded by the dark and frost of the winter. Hölttö’s photographs tell a tale of a bygone way of life which would only be knows by the objects left behind without the wonderful power of photography”. (via Carte Blanche Photography)

Unfortunately, it looks like his website doesn’t exist anymore, but you can see more photographs on the Young Gallery website or Carte Blanche Photography (linked above).
Here's 2 more!

Images from Young Gallery

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