Friday, March 8, 2013

You don't need to be a nicotine addict to love the snus pillows!

Photo: Wikipedia

I never liked tobacco. Of course, I tried when I was younger and needed to look cool. But I never enjoyed it,  I can't even be a social smoker. This can be annoying sometimes when you work in an office and all your colleagues go outside for a cigarette break! In Sweden, with the snus, it's less of a problem, you just stick it under your lip and voilà, no smoke, you need to find another excuse to leave your chair! I tried that too when I arrived in Sweden. I was curious as you see it everywhere. But no, not for me either, I find it quite disgusting to be honest.

Even though I'll never be a nicotine addict, I love the snus portion pillows! I love the humor but also the color (goes with everything in the house), the texture and the size (35cm X 75cm). Designed in Finland by Denz & Son, they're currently sold out on their website, but you can also find them here.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Photos: Denz & Son

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