Monday, January 28, 2013

Mid-Century Swedish Teaching Charts

I love, love vintage educational charts. My boyfriend and I found a big lot of old charts a few years ago in an antique shop in the countryside. Most of them are in the attic right now as we don't have enough walls to put them all on display, but at least, when we feel like changing a little something in a room, we know what to do! Of course, not all of them would look good in the living room. Who wants to look at a cow's digestive system while drinking a glass of wine on the sofa?

I don't have pictures of all those charts right now, I just wanted to show you my latest finds: super cute swedish teaching charts from the 50's! The condition is not perfect. Some of them have light stains. But I don't mind, they look adorable! The trip to the supermarket is my favorite. And the one featuring a mid-century home! Ah, gender roles in the 50's! Dad is reading the newspaper while mom is busy in the kitchen! The other one was made to help the kids to tell time, and the last one shows different activities and interactions in a schoolyard.

They were all painted by Gunilla Edelstam.

(And sorry, the pictures are not great, they look so much better in real life!)

Images: Nordiska Style

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