Sunday, December 2, 2012

Retro Magazine on a Sunday afternoon

Photo: Nordiska Style

Isn't it great when on Friday, just before a cold, snowy weekend, you find in your mail box the new issue of your favorite magazines? And when, like Hus & Hem Retro magazine, it's published only 4 times a year, it's even more exciting! If you like collecting vintage scandinavian items, no matter if it's classic pieces of furniture, teak sideboards, mid-century glass, textiles or clothes, you'll find interesting information about designers and prices, tons of amazing vintage pictures and the chance to visit beautiful homes filled with scandinavian treasures!

It's in swedish, which is not my first language, but I can read it. I think that even if I couldn't read it, I would still buy it as the pictures are a fantastic source of inspiration!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Photo: Nordiska Style

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