Monday, September 10, 2012

Erik Bruun: Great graphic design made in Finland

I love graphic design, and I'm a huge fan of Erik Bruun's work. Bruun (b. 1926) is a prolific Finnish graphic designer who has designed brand guidelines, logotypes, books, postcards, stamps and even Finnish banknotes. But the designer is best known for his commercial posters from the 50's and 60's, and many of them are now classics. His most famous design is definitely the stylized orange slice, from his project for Jaffa, a soft drink produced in Finland and Sweden.

Check out his website for more great, colourful mid-century graphics and illustrations that reflects the man's love for the beautiful Finnish nature.

You can also buy first edition vintage posters, the stock is not going to last forever so if you like them, you should not wait to long! I was thinking ordering this one:

Photos: Erik Bruun


  1. These are great- I love that mid-century look!

    1. They look great, and I think 125 euros for an original Erik Bruun poster is a really good investment!